Espresso Giada is specialised in the packaging of coffee in pods for catering. The resulting product is manufactured using exclusively artisan procedures, and in small quantities, enabling both control and maximum enhancement of the finest coffees in the world. The pod packaging system also ensures the preservation of all the flavour and richness of genuine coffee roasted over a slow fire, permitting the total and uniform roasting of the precious beans. Natural roasting guarantees the fragrance and authenticity of the coffee.

All the qualities produced are packaged, in controlled atmosphere, in practical, convenient pods, made with filters in ultra-ecological paper suitable for foodstuffs. The pods are then delivered in attractive and practical dispensers containing 25 pods each, ensuring maximum cleanliness and total conservation of the aroma of the coffee.

Espresso Giada is also specialised in the distribution of espresso coffee machines for bars, restaurants and other venues, for use with all our pod products.